Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a common occurrence and may be caused by a combination of factors: biological, environmental, and psychological. Women are twice as likely to experience depression as men, but both can benefit from a variety of therapeutic approaches/interventions. Despite gender, when feelings of depression last longer than a few days; it may be a bigger issue and one requiring professional guidance.

Additionally, a  number of adults will experience anxiety within their lifetime and just under a tenth of children/adolescents will before the age of 21.  Anxiety is a normal part of life and often tolerable, but when anxiety becomes persistent or pervasive, seeking treatment can assist in navigating the grip of anxiety. 

Treating both often requires a blended approach of interventions.  There is not a “one size fits all” approach, but the Moving Forward team is educated in multiple approaches and dedicated to finding the right one to address your specific needs.

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